Henson Efron Attain Victory for Client in Jury Trial

March 26, 2014

Henson Efron won a major victory for its client, a Minnesota-based construction contractor specializing in non-destructive excavation, in a Ramsey County District Court of Minnesota jury trial.

The lawsuit stemmed from disputes between the founding owners and requested a court-ordered buyout of the opposing parties’ shares. Counterclaims were asserted against the client for breach of contract, unpaid wages, and promissory estoppel. To the client’s satisfaction, the jury trial resulted in a directed verdict in our client’s favor on all claims, and the opposing parties promptly settled by agreeing to be bought out at the price set by the client’s expert.

The Henson Efron team was led by shareholder and litigation attorney, Court J. Anderson, and included assistance from litigation associate, Jillian M. Pearson.