Child Support for Business Owners Following Haefele v. Haefele

By: Alan Eidsness , Melissa Nilsson , Jaime Driggs | Minnesota Lawyer | November 18, 2013
Child Support, Divorce Settlements

The Supreme Court’s decision in Haefele v. Haefele changed the landscape in child support litigation involving owners of closely-held businesses. Before Haefele, disputes in such cases frequently centered on the availability of the owner’s income. The reason for retaining earnings, degree of control, and true cash flow were always topics of inquiry and debate. After Haefele, these considerations still matter, but not with respect to calculating income and applying the child support guidelines. Family law attorneys Alan C. Eidsness, Melissa J. Nilsson and Jaime Driggs take an in depth look at what the decision means in “Child Support for Business Owners Following Haefele v. Haefele.”

The article is part of a series previously printed in Minnesota Lawyer covering topics relevant to the area of family law.

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Alan Eidsness
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