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Intellectual Property Rights Concept, Copyright Infringement

Although Copyrights Vest Immediately, Enforcing Them Requires Another Step

By: J.R. Maddox , Benjamin (Ben) Hamborg | April 16, 2019
Risk Management

Copyright Registration is Mandatory, Prior to Filing an Infringement Suit A recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court has clarified that the Copyright Office must grant registration of a copyright before the copyright holder can sue for infringement and recover damages. This article explains the ruling and its implications. The United States Copyright Act of […]


Cabin Fever: Considerations for Owning a Cabin with Family or Friends

By: Carter DeLaittre , Allison Plunkett | March 20, 2019
Real Estate Equity

With this winter’s relentless snowfall and low temps, many of us have a serious case of cabin fever. As we patiently wait for spring to arrive, we dream of escaping “up north” for peaceful summer weekends of fishing, water skiing and sunset cruising on one of Minnesota’s many beautiful lakes. For some, that dream includes […]


Proposals and Prenups: What to do before – or after – you say I do

By: Lisa Spencer , Maria Pitner , Taylor Kaster | February 20, 2019
Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

February is the month of love, so it’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day is a popular day for couples to get engaged. Unlike previous generations, Millennials appear to be taking their time finding the love of their lives. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2018, the average age for saying “I do” is 27.8 […]

Protecting Your Security Interest in an LLC membership interest Methods and considerations for perfecting

Protecting Your Security Interest in an LLC Membership Interest: Methods and Considerations for Perfecting

By: Rochelle Hauser | September 18, 2018
Owning a Business

You have made the decision to provide financing, whether as a business owner or otherwise. Perhaps you are loaning money to a borrower, or selling a company you own and financing the purchase. You will likely require some type of collateral to secure repayment of the loan. If your collateral includes a limited liability company […]


Protecting Your Business: Preventing Wrongful Interference with Non-competition and Non-solicitation Agreements

By: Court Anderson , Benjamin (Ben) Hamborg , Eric Friske | July 23, 2018
Owning a Business

Understanding wrongful interference with contract When an employee who is subject to a valid non-competition or non-solicitation agreement leaves and begins competing with his or her former employer—either by creating a new business or by joining an existing competitor—the employee can be enjoined from wrongfully competing and held liable for breach of contract. While an […]


Protecting your Business: Identifying and Safeguarding your Company’s Trade Secrets

By: Court Anderson , Benjamin (Ben) Hamborg , Eric Friske | June 20, 2018
Owning a Business

Most companies have no difficulty understanding how and why to protect their physical assets like machinery, buildings, and real estate. But many of those same companies fall short when it comes to protecting their most valuable assets: business models, customer lists, pricing schemes, and sales and manufacturing techniques, which are the real drivers of profitability […]