Acquisitions & Sales

Real Estate

The purchase, sale or other disposition of raw or improved real property are among the most common commercial transactions that occur in today’s fast-paced business world. Unfortunately, lest one be lulled into complacency by the frequency in which these deals occur, care must always be given to ensure that a proper due diligence analysis is undertaken. Henson Efron real estate attorneys work with clients through proper analysis to identify harmful contaminants on or in the property or beneath the soil, the existence of aging or leaking underground fuel oil storage tanks (contamination and removal of which might eclipse the value of the property under consideration).

In addition, our lawyers oversee and survey issues stemming from the incorrect placement of an existing building at the time of original construction, or identify zoning or use restrictions that might imperil the ability to use the building for its intended purposes. Today’s increasing land values and business risks require competent solutions to a myriad of ever-increasing challenges. Attorneys from our Minneapolis law firm help clients identify potential real estate acquisition and sales challenges up front, and work to successfully negotiate obstacles in order to achieve safe and lasting results.

Acquisition and Sales Services

  • Purchase Agreement Drafting and Negotiation
  • Title Review
  • Zoning Review
  • Survey Review
  • Analysis and Resolution of Environmental Conditions and other Issues

Schools & School Districts

As a significant sub-practice within our acquisition and sales practice, our real estate attorneys have worked closely with many Minnesota public school districts in connection with the purchase or disposition of numerous public school district buildings, educational facilities, and other public properties and/or improvements.