Development and Construction

Real Estate

From conceptualization to productive use, Henson Efron real estate attorneys assist owners, investors and developers of commercial, industrial, mixed-use and residential property during all stages of the development and construction process. In collaboration with our business law and tax attorneys, we advise our clients on ownership structure and tax considerations, with attention toward prioritizing decisions consistent with the overall project schedule to help ensure that the right decisions are made at the right time. Our real estate lawyers coordinate the due diligence process with our clients, title companies, and other professionals, in an effort to identify and proactively address material environmental, governmental, legal, practical and other problems or challenges which can impact the current and/or future success or viability of a project.

Henson Efron attorneys have extensive experience drafting and negotiating architectural agreements and construction contracts. We assist clients with choosing an appropriate project delivery method and, where applicable, we help them navigate public bidding, best value procurement, design build, and other contracting options. Both prior to and during the design and construction phases, we work with clients to implement staffing, structures and procedures to oversee disbursements and manage mechanics’ lien and other construction-stage issues, including changes to the scope of work, contingencies, project delays and other challenges.

In the event that a major dispute arises, our real estate and construction litigation attorneys are available to assist.

Development and Construction Services

  • Acquisitions and Sales
  • Leasing
  • Ownership Entity Selection and Tax Planning
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Easements and License Agreements
  • Contracting and Negotiation
  • Public Bidding/Best Value Procurement
  • Disbursements and Contract Management
  • Mechanics’ Lien Issues
  • Real Estate and Construction Litigation

Schools & School Districts

As a significant sub-practice within our development and construction practices, we have worked closely with many Minnesota public school districts in connection with the development, construction, and remodeling, of numerous public school district buildings, educational facilities, and other public properties and/or improvements.