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Key Players in a Commercial Real Estate Transaction

| November 4, 2014
Commercial Real Estate, Purchase Agreements

Once you decide to buy commercial real estate, it’s important to assemble a solid team who can provide you with the knowledge and experience needed to help make a smooth transaction. For a successful purchase, a tentative buyer should find a broker, attorney, accountant and loan officer they trust and can work well with from […]


When is an IRA not an IRA?

By: Christopher Burns | Minnesota Lawyer | October 20, 2014
IRAs, Wills & Trusts Agreements

The unanimous United States Supreme Court decision in Clark v. Rameker affirmed that funds from inherited IRAs were not protected from bankruptcy creditors. Estate, trust and probate attorney Christopher J. Burns and Kiley Henry detail the decision in their article, “When is an IRA not an IRA?” and discuss what attorneys and other advisors should […]


Spending Patterns and Resulting Effects on Spousal Maintenance

By: Melissa Nilsson , William Forsyth | Minnesota Lawyer | September 8, 2014
Divorce Settlements, Spousal Maintenance

Melissa Nilsson and William Forsyth have some insight when it comes to spending with a spousal maintenance agreement in a family law article in Minnesota Lawyer™. Spousal maintenance is a tough issue for many reasons and individual spending patterns can make it even more challenging. Read more at Spending Patterns and Resulting Effects on Spousal […]


What Happens to Unfinished Commercial Real Estate Properties?

| July 18, 2014
Commercial Real Estate

Let’s time travel back to 1999 when the technology market was soaring high. Company A hits the jackpot with a dot-com boom and suddenly realizes, “we need more space!” So, Company A purchases a 100-acre property and begins construction with plans to grow the company ten fold. We know how this story ends. When the […]


5 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Lawyer Before Renting Your Vacation Property, Cabin or Lake Home

| July 14, 2014
Commercial Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant Matters, Real Estate Equity

With July off to a pleasant start and our Independence Day celebrations behind us, it’s officially “mid-summer”. But, there is still time to consider renting or leasing your lakeshore property or cabin. And, with sites like (Vacation Rentals By Owner), and even other vacation rental options like Craigslist – it is getting easier […]


Commercial Real Estate Jargon: Easy as ABC

| June 4, 2014
Real Estate Equity

Navigating the commercial real estate world is challenging for even the most seasoned professionals, especially in today’s fast-changing economy. As the scope and shape of commercial real estate continues to morph, so does the vocabulary used to describe it. There are a myriad of terms in CRE jargon, but we’ve chosen just one (for now) […]