Employment Litigation


Minneapolis law firm Henson Efron employment litigation attorneys offer clients a variety of services to address the complexities of today’s employment relationships. Our attorneys answer day-to-day questions, such as dealing with a problem employee, or providing advice and assistance necessary to create effective policies or management of employment issues. We provide valuable assistance in drafting or reviewing contracts that are important to the employment relationship, such as employment agreements, non-compete agreements and separation agreements. In addition, our litigation attorneys are available in the event litigation over employment, issues arise, such as discrimination or harassment claims, or disputes over employment agreements.

Employment Litigation Services

  • Advice and Assistance In Dealing with Problem Employees
  • Assistance in Preparation of Affirmative Action Plans
  • Design, Draft and Review of Handbooks and Policy Manuals
  • Draft Employment Contracts and Separation Agreements
  • Discrimination Investigations
  • Advice/Counsel Relevant to Employee Status Under Wage and Hour Law or Independent Contractor Status
  • Rules or Leave of Absence Laws
  • Insurance Coverage Matters
  • Representation of Employers And Employees in Employment-Related Litigation