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Cabin Fever: Considerations for Owning a Cabin with Family or Friends

By: Carter DeLaittre , Allison Plunkett | March 20, 2019
Real Estate Equity

With this winter’s relentless snowfall and low temps, many of us have a serious case of cabin fever. As we patiently wait for spring to arrive, we dream of escaping “up north” for peaceful summer weekends of fishing, water skiing and sunset cruising on one of Minnesota’s many beautiful lakes. For some, that dream includes […]



Should I Buy or Lease a Space? Consider these X-Factors!

| April 29, 2015
Commercial Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant Matters, Real Estate Equity, Rent vs Own, Risk Management

It’s the burning question on the mind of many entrepreneurs – should I buy or lease a building for my business? Trulia recently ranked the top 10 U.S. cities where buying currently makes more financial sense than renting, and 9 of the top 10 were in the Midwest. The survey focused on residential property, but […]



5 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Lawyer Before Renting Your Vacation Property, Cabin or Lake Home

| July 14, 2014
Commercial Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant Matters, Real Estate Equity

With July off to a pleasant start and our Independence Day celebrations behind us, it’s officially “mid-summer”. But, there is still time to consider renting or leasing your lakeshore property or cabin. And, with sites like (Vacation Rentals By Owner), and even other vacation rental options like Craigslist – it is getting easier […]


Burns Twin Cities Estate Planning Council

Commercial Real Estate Jargon: Easy as ABC

| June 4, 2014
Real Estate Equity

Navigating the commercial real estate world is challenging for even the most seasoned professionals, especially in today’s fast-changing economy. As the scope and shape of commercial real estate continues to morph, so does the vocabulary used to describe it. There are a myriad of terms in CRE jargon, but we’ve chosen just one (for now) […]



The Purchase Agreement: Part III

| May 30, 2014
Commercial Real Estate, Purchase Agreements, Real Estate Equity

Previously we took a look at the due diligence process of a commercial real estate transaction.  In this edition, let’s discuss what a Buyer needs to know about contingencies. In a typical CRE deal, there are various standard contingencies that work to benefit Buyers (provided that a Buyer is savvy enough to include such contingencies […]



The Purchase Agreement: Part I

| March 1, 2014
Commercial Real Estate, Purchase Agreements, Real Estate Equity

Previously we discussed the importance of assembling a team of Key Players as a first step to any commercial real estate transaction. Once your team is assembled and discovered a suitable property, the next step is to draft and negotiate a purchase agreement that encapsulates the deal and protects your interest. A well-drafted purchase agreement […]


Negative Equity

How to Treat Negative Equity in Real Estate

By: Alan Eidsness , Jaime Driggs | Minnesota Lawyer | December 16, 2013
Domestic Relations, Real Estate Equity

Ever since housing prices plummeted, family law attorneys have struggled to determine how to treat real property with negative equity. Does it go on the balance sheet as a negative number or does it get valued at zero? With Middendorf v. Middendorf, the Court of Appeals issued a decision addressing how to treat real property with negative equity, an issue family law attorneys have struggled […]